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cgcharacter specialises in custom high end 3D character set up for use in Film and TV Broadcasts.

If you would like to use our unique Technical Direction services on your next production we want to talk to you today.


The new version of the cgHuman is now available

After much anticipation the second instalment of our best selling product the cgHuman is now available from cgProshop. This new version is a major improvement to its predecessor. [more]

The Ultimate Human Mediview Launched

The Ultimate Human Mediview is now available to purchase.
A world first realtime interactive viewer of the Human Musco-skeletal system, a valuable reference for any research on human anatomy. [more]

cgSkin released

cgSkin is a novel new skinning enhancement simulation system.

cgShaders shareware comming soon.

A bunch of new Shaders for Mentalray. [more]


Archives for all our old Turtorials can still be found here

The Making of A sound of thunder on cgSociety

A full description of how we created the creatures for A Sound of Thunder using our own software ACT and cgSkin. [more]





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